Stainsby Festival

Stainsby Festival - July 19th-21st 2019

The Llama Karma Lottery

Larry the Llama, by Andy Martin

Django the Llama did the business at approximately 16.15 on Sunday 27th, at a distance of 7.34m N and 1.71m E of the SW corner of the enclosure, which was 40m x 25m, divided into a grid of 0.5m squares. This corresponded to the square (66,47) in the generated grid below, which represented ticket number 3712.

As this ticket number wasn't purchased, a runner-up prize of two tickets to next year's festival was awarded to the nearest square to the winner, number 8, and the winners have been informed.

The generated random grid numbers, which was produced at midnight on Friday, can be found here

The code used to generate the grid can be found here

The Small Print

  • Trustees of Stainsby Folk Group and their families are not eligible to enter the lottery.
  • The total number of tickets for sale is 4,000.
  • Closing date for lottery ticket sales and return of counterfoils is Friday 25th September
  • Each lottery ticket purchased represents a square on the field. Numbers are allocated to grid squares at random using a Fisher-Yates shuffle.
  • The grid numbering will be published on our website on Saturday 26th September after ticket sales have closed
  • When Karma strikes the llama, GPS will be used to determine the block of squares the result lands in.
  • From the GPS co-ordinates the precise winning square will be defined with tape measures.
  • In case of straddled boundary lines, majority mass will be used to adjudicate between rival claims.
  • The judges' decision on the winning square is final.
  • After deducting the cost of running the lottery and any claimed cash prize, all proceeds will go to the Dream of Fields Appeal Fund.
  • If the winner chooses the lifetime tickets or if the winning number has not been sold, the cash prize will go towards the Dream of Fields Appeal Fund.
  • Stainsby Folk Group is licensed to run this lottery by Bolsover District Council. Licence Number: SLO613